Tips to buying a Domain Name

The things that you must to know when you buy a domain name.
Make sure you or your company is the domain name registrant
Many web hosting companies offer a free domain name when you sign on for a web hosting account, but care must be taken.  My advice here is:
 If you are not the domain name registrant, then you do not own or hold the domain. You can point your website to that free domain name, when your web hosting company offers it.  But the questions that you’d better ask your web hosting company are:
•Are you the domain name registrant?
•If you decide to switch to another web hosting company, can you still have that domain name?
•Can you sell your website with that free domain name, if you want to?
If you got any answer of “No” for any of these questions, then you should not take that free name but instead register that domain name with a domain name registrar company.  That way you’ll really hold or own that domain name.  Buying a domain name only costs about $10 -20 per year.
The shorter the domain name, the better
The short domain name will be easily memorised and easy to type. Nowadays we always hear people talking about “Customer experience”. My point is why would you like to make it difficult for your website user to remember and to type your domain name?
 What percentage of people in the world can spell English very well? Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge many native English speakers are not always able to spell that well.
Some experts say that the domain name is better no longer than 4 or 5 characters.  For example:  The Australian Broadcast Corporation has the domain name:    , America online has the domain name: , Bank of China has the domain name: and Google just simply uses its brand and has the domain name:  it is six characters, I think it is quiet easy to remember for many people.
SEO experts say that URL containing keywords is good for SEO.  That is true. But remember that URL and domain name are different things.  Look at this:    it is a URL, AUOL short for Australia Online, is the domain name, and free eShop is the keyword.
Where to register .au domain names?
auDA Accredited Registrars are listed here:    from there you can find all information that you need for register an .au  domain name.
The cost for each domain name from different registrars can be very different; I would choose the cheaper one, because no matter where you buy from, it will be always the same.  And all registrars must follow auDA’s policies, if they not, you can make a complaint with auDA.
How to point your website to your domain name?
Your website should point to both and because many people on the web tend to avoid typing www.
Try to access these:, and   You can see that all the big brands use their domain name that way.  —— Trust me, follow the big names, it means that you are following the experts, it won’t be wrong.

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