Historical figures who loves combing hair

• Sui dynasty (581-617) medical scientist, Chao Yuanfang said:” 梳头有畅通血脉,使发不白的作用” it means: COMBING the HAIR helps the blood to circulate and stops white hairs.”

• The Famous Great writer, Calligrapher and painter Shu Dongpo (8 Jan 1037-24 Jan 1101) was losing his HAIR. After a famous doctor’s advice, he combed his hair in the morning and evening. Soon after, he stoped losing hairs. Not only that, his insomnia went away as well. The deep personal experience of COMBING HAIR filled him with emotion and he wrote:” 梳头百余下,散发卧熟,寝至天明” it says: after COMBING HAIR over one hundred times, and having HAIR untied in bed, you will sleep till dawn.

• Lu You(1125—1210) was a Nan Song dynasty patriotic poet, as well a health guru, and lived a long life. in official circles, he was repeatedly pushed down, and had repeated setbacks in his career. His ambition to serve his country had always been hard to achieve. In his later years, he lived in seclusion. Although his life was hard, he lived for 85 years while an average person’s life span was only about 30-40 years. He had no bent back, no shaking legs, his hear and eye sight were good, and sometimes he even carried fire wood to his home.

He’s two habits were well known: he would COMB his HAIR and wash his feet.

In his old age, his sparse white hair surprisingly grew a lot of black HAIR. The excitement of the new black HAIR gave him inspiration, and he wrote the famous poem sentence: “客稀门每闭,意闷发重梳”; it says: When no one visits and the door is closed, COMB the HAIR again to clear away the depressed mood.

He also wrote a poem: “醒来忽觉天窗白,短发萧萧起自梳” it says: waking up feeling the white light shining in, short hair crackling from the COMBING.

• Empress Dowager Cixi (29 Nov 1835 -15 Nov 11 1908)

She would ask the eunuchs COMBING her HAIR as the very first thing in the morning. In her old age she still had beautiful HAIR, and looked much younger than her real age.

see also Woman coming hair.


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