Top 11 factors that slow your WEBSITE access speed

1.The resource of the web server that your WEBSITE resides on is not enough; these resources might be CPU, RAM, disk speed, Ethernet speed, the network speed etc. 2.The total web traffic on the web server. Some people say that too many web ...

8 reasons to use Joomla for your website

Why use Joomla for building your  website ? 1.Joomla is an open source, it means that you are able to get the source code, therefore you are able to change it and add new functionalities to suit your particular business needs. 2.Joomla is very ...

How to do Home Broadband Connection

Is your home internet feeling a little on the slow side?   A few things that I would like to pay attention to get it around: Pick a Decent Router If you want good speed and great coverage on your home Wi-Fi network, choose a router that's up ...

What can affect your connection speed

Inside your home, broadband speed can be affected by: Your equipment The program that you're using The plan you're on WiFi connection Type of content that you're downloading or uploading Whether your internet hardware is NBN ...

Home Broadband internet Price compare

Each provider got its own term and conditions. The price comparison  below is  guide only. It is based on nowadays most families need at least 200GB data monthly, in order to be able to watch online Movies occasionally, plus consider home landline ...

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