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The benefits of combing hair with Horn Comb

Horn COMBS are generally made out of Sheep, Ox or Water Buffalo horn. The animals are not hunted for their horns; they are a common domestic animal in Asia, where nothing is wasted. Ancient China doctor Li Shi Zhen (1518-1593) in his famous ...

Horn comb care

When properly cared for, a horn comb can last many years, and even up to a lifetime. Like our hair, a horn comb is made of keratin. If left untreated, a horn comb can be prone to breakage. Some people advise rubbing a bit of natural oil on the ...

Kid’s Smart Omega 3 Fish Oil

Fish Oil, one of the richest sources of Omega 3-essential fatty acids, helps children improve brain development, memory, learning and behaviour. Others reviews:

Baby milk formula price comparison

What others says about baby milk formula:

Why should you only use horn comb

Ancient China doctor Li Shi Zhen (1518-1593) in his famous book named《BenCaoGangMu》mentioned that ox and sheep horn products contain natural protein, and as such can stop headaches, baldness and alopecia. Horn COMBS are generally made out ...

Lutein – for Cardiovascular Health, better vision and Regulated Cell Growth

I have never heard about Lutein before, till 3 years ago, my mum who lives in China asked me to buy it for her. My mum has quiet bad eye sight for many years, her China doctor advised her, to take Lutein.Nowadays, people worry about pollution in ...

Seaweed, for long and health life

It  is called “Seaweed” in English, it kind of classified as “sea junk”. The name itself gives the marine plant a negative connotation. Wonder if this is the cause of not able to see it on the supermarket in Australia. But, If you have ever been ...

Historical figures who loves combing hair

• Sui dynasty (581-617) medical scientist, Chao Yuanfang said:” 梳头有畅通血脉,使发不白的作用” it means: COMBING the HAIR helps the blood to circulate and stops white hairs.” • The Famous Great writer, Calligrapher and painter Shu Dongpo (8 Jan 1037-24 Jan ...

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