8 reasons to use Joomla for your website

Why use Joomla for building your  website ?

1.Joomla is an open source, it means that you are able to get the source code, therefore you are able to change it and add new functionalities to suit your particular business needs.

2.Joomla is very well maintained. You can say that all software that in use needs to be maintained: Microsoft keeps updating its system, all types of internet browsers are continually upgraded to new versions…  If it is not for fixing security holes, then it must be for fixing something else or does some improvement work.

However, for Joomla, it says that there are over 200,000 community users and contributors working for it, whenever there is an issue, such as security holes, it can be fixed quickly. When there is an improvement needed, it can be done as soon as they can. Joomla 3.0 is a great leap in terms improvement.

3.It has heaps of extensions to use.

4.It is zero cost for all.

5.Joomla is easy to learn and use. It is very well documented, and you will get support through the vibrant communities by via email, forums, wikis and other type communication facilities.

6.It is built on other open sources platform:  PHP, Apache, MySQL and Linux. Therefore, your website can be built with total zero cost.

7.It suits all types and sizes of websites. Countless big brand companies, and well known websites are using Joomla.

8.Compared with static websites, it is a data base driven content management system that makes your website much easier to maintain. In other words, it will save lots of time and money for your website to be maintained, updated and promoted.

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